REVIEWS – “Welcome To Doc City (Deluxe Edition)”

Doc City’s new deluxe album, Welcome to Doc City, is perfect for jazz fans. The 12-track album kicks off with “What Love Is” which has the vocalist slinking across the slow and sultry sounds. The next song “When You Are Near” is reminiscent of Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father” and is enjoyable. Throughout the album, the vocalist Evelyn Wright, is a standout. This is no different on the “Sweetest Taboo” cover which the turns the melodic song into an upbeat and airy track that continues to be enjoyable. 

But the musicians more than carry their weight — making it unsurprising that they’ve collectively worked with heavyweight greats, including Herbie Hancock, Nancy Wilson, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, India Arie, Dolly Parton, Bobby Caldwell, Paul Simon, and Yo-Yo Ma. 

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The enchanting feel can only be expressed through the music itself. It’s refreshing to hear something so pure of heart and passionate about the music behind it. In Welcome to Doc City, the second that the record starts, it puts the listener in a good mood 

                                                                                       by Charles Lull, Albright College 

Get ready to enjoy the mixed flavors of R&B, soul, jazz, and gospel through Doc City’s latest album ‘Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)’, a 12-track musical project. 

‘Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)’ offers a total of 12 enticing songs like ‘Sweetest Taboo’, ‘No Goodbyes’, ‘What Love Is’, etc to name some. Weaving through the lines of jazz, gospel, rock and rap influences; each song sounds ethereal and enthralling at the same time. This album project focuses on the immersive, profound, and most important questions of life which makes it even more dense and thought-provoking. 4 Grammy Award-winning artists have joined forces with Doc to create this sonic masterpiece. 

                          Author : Hughes Nelson – dialymusicroll magazine 

The result is a beautiful album with many different influences and makes a great listen. The music has many elements, influences and is genre-fluid. It is music for soul searching and contemplation, but also just an enjoyable listen.                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                  BY SAMMY STEIN 

The resulting album is decidedly R&B in feel, but with a musical sensibility that blends smooth jazz, pop, hip hop, the theatricality of Frank Sinatra, and soul of Marvin Gaye. Yet, the sound is somehow as unified and focused in its delivery as it is diverse in its influences. In other words, the upcoming Welcome to Doc City is something that anyone who appreciates good soul, jazz, and R&B need to place on their radar. 


Doc City’s unique history shows up in his music in the form of spiritually charged energy. The present release “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)” touches upon deeply human themes ranging from social issues to love loss and hope to philosophy. It’s an uplifting and thought-provoking album that’s bound to immerse the listeners into soul-searching and leave you contemplating on the most important questions of life. 


What Love Is, the first single on Doc City’s Welcome to Doc City has an absolutely timeless feel. There’s a fair amount of lounge, a bit of jazz, and all the passion and charisma that one could conceivably desire. 

Your Ego Too is one of our favorite tracks on Welcome to Doc City. The robust funk and soul that play front-and-center here stand out on the album all while the constituent elements of the backing band unite to make some of the most deep arrangements out there. Heart Just Won’t Give Up slows things down to allow for a more R&B-meets-smooth jazz style to shine.  I’ll Still Be There For You is heartfelt and touching, allowing a very delicate guitar and vocal duo the spotlight. This is one of those transformative efforts, the prime example of a track that tells volumes in the course of just a few short minutes. 

The level of comfort and familiarity that listeners will achieve with the Deluxe Edition of Doc City’s album ensures that the album will regularly be played.  

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There’s so much history with Doc City and his lyrics that it comes to no surprise that this is what comes out of it. Very spectacular. The collection leans heavily towards the immersive and profound, musing on the most important questions of life. This is music that is for soul-searching and self-discovery.